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Google maps pretty much has all of Austin, Texas mapped out with “you are there” type of street views. Enter the property address and select “street view”. Google maps will then zoom you straight to the property as if you are standing in the street and viewing the front of the house. This is a great preview tool to see the curb appeal of the property, not just a single front of view photo. That is, you can see the street, the neighboring properties, and “walk” the street and experience the neighborhood.  The first time I saw this, it was pretty amazing, like seeing Google Earth for the first time.

Often a property looks better than the typical neighborhood make-up, and the Google street view will reveal so. You may save some time and automatically remove an undesirable property from your list to visit.  You can have a great looking property in an undesirable neighborhood or a rundown property in great neighborhood.  If you must choose, pick the latter, as you can fix a property but you can’t fix a neighborhood.

Sometimes duplexes do NOT look like duplexes but more like single family houses.  Look for things like two chimneys, two mailboxes, two front doors and lettering like “A” or “B”, as indicating factors. Also, a quick search of the county tax records (www.traviscad.com in Austin), can reveal the property’s classification to be “2 family” or “duplex”.


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