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With a 150 people per day moving to our beloved city, housing is of great demand. At a recent Leadership Austin’s Engage Breakfast Series, the topic was “The Price You Pay: Austin’s Affordability X-Factor.” CultureMap’s Alicia Dietrich provides an exceptional recap. What peaked my interest were the points brought up by Chris Bradford of the Land Development Code Advisory Group.

“There’s no breathing room to build small, multifamily buildings,” said Bradford. “It’s very difficult — unnecessarily difficult — to even build things like garage apartments in central neighborhoods. One of the things we should be focusing on is making it easier to build small infill projects: garage apartments, making it easier to build duplexes, making it easier to build small multifamily buildings, to build four-plexes or six-plexes. Those can be added all over the place and provide a kind of invisible density that will be an important source of new supply.” 

Updating/rewriting the land development code would be a huge undertaking. This would require much input and I’m sure debates. Property owners would welcome a more efficient and less arduous system. Share your insights and viewpoints with CodeNEXT as they work to help create a sustainable land development code for Austin’s future. Neighborhoods, commercial development, affordable housing, character, politics… It will be interesting to see it’s end result.


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